For all your plant and garden needs in the Southern Highlands NSW

The Welby Garden Centre nursery stocks a large selection roses, fruit trees, shrubs and plants, everything for your plant and garden needs. Our fully trained horticultural staff are there to provide assistance in plant selection and advice on maintaining a beautiful garden. Why not consider joining our Member Program and receive bonuses and reward points on  purchases and our quarterly newsletter.

In stock

We stock an extensive range of:

  • Annuals
  • Perennials
  • Shrubs, roses, trees & hedging plants
  • Seedlings, fruit trees & potting mixes
  • Fertilisers, chemicals, grasses & giftware

Pre-growth and outsourcing plants

Welby Garden Centre specialises is a wide variety of plant and garden products. Should you not locate a plant or item that you are looking for, our qualified nursery staff will be happy to assist you. Our plants are especially suited to the climate of the Southern Highlands NSW.

Cold climate

The supported employees of Welby Garden Centre propagate cold climate plants for retail sale and for wholesale sale to other nurseries and landscapers. Over the years, Welby Garden Centre has trimmed and streamlined its ordering and delivery processes to ensure the best possible, hassle-free service. We make the entire process of obtaining the garden supplies you need for your next job as simple as possible. Give us a call and we'll walk you through our system.

beautiful flowers at plant nursery Plant and garden in Southern Highlands NSW